Stockhornbahn AG


Stockhornbahn AG strives to make the diverse attractions that exist amidst a idyllic natural setting a unique experience for the guest. In doing so, it seeks to ensure the continued existence of the company, the safety of people and technology, as well as the professional development of employees. It is transparent to the public. The company treats nature with care, and resources are used carefully. Synergies with partners and competitors are employed prudently.


Corporate purpose

We are the regional recreational area of the Bernese foothills with the best prospects for diverse offers and unique experiences.

Customers and guests

We offer our guests unspoilt innovative attractions and experiences that are customer friendly. We extend warm hospitality and maintain a high quality level whilst offering competitive prices for our services.

Shareholders and financial backers

We use our profits to secure the the long-term existence of our company. The relationship with our shareholders is built on trust, and is transparent and personal.

Employees and management

We see ourselves as a dependable and socially-just employer and motivate our staff to provide a high level of customer focus. Staff are developed and challenged with clear objectives and regular in-service training in a respectful and team-focused working environment.

Partners and suppliers

We strive to maintain a long-term relationship based on sound economics with our business partners and suppliers and wish to be perceived as a fair and dependable company.


We are aware of our strengths and act with self-assurance towards our direct competitors. We are receptive to constructive collaboration and the utilisation of synergies.

Public and social partnership

We provide information in an open, truthful and transparent manner and are aware of our responsibility as an important regional business and employer. We seek a gainful partnership with local inhabitants, regional municipalities, land owners and Alpine farming.

Environment and landscape conservation

Our pristine landscape is the foundation of our long-term survival. Accordingly, we treat the environment with respect and a sense of responsibility.

Safety and technology

Thanks to a deliberate investment policy in compliance with the requirements of the regulatory authorities, we provide safe and reliable transport and an experience-rich visit for our guests.